Learn to Tune EFI Engine

Everyone Can be a Tuner

Understand a Tuning Concept

Engine tuning it's not a magic, it's a Science that you can learn

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60% Practical Courses

Wiring Skills

Hands On Wiring

"The best way to learn about ecu.. Very helpful and guidance wise is top notch!!" ~ HAMIZAN

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Tune A True Street Cars

Tuning Skills

Learn to tune on Dyno Machine

"Mr. Khairul and Mr. Mat at their best to impart ECU tuning knowledge to participants: ~ Abdul Kader

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40 % Theory Learning

A Proven Method

From Theory to Practical

A Complex subject can be easily learn in this Courses

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Belajar Cara Tune EFI Engine ke Tahap Maksima

  • Memahami Air Fuel Ratio dan engine reliability

  • 5 Driving Techniques dalam menyesuaikan beban enjin

  • Teknik Tune Fuel MAP berpandukan meter Air Fuel Ratio

  • Langkah Tune Ignition MAP dalam semua keadaan pemanduan

  • Menggunakan Datalog bagi mendapatkan data semasa tuning

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